The FitlowLaw


Providing cost-effective legal services to businesses and families.

Vicky is a solo practitioner, with a client-focused approach.  She keeps overhead extremely low and passes those savings on to her clients.  Vicky forgoes many of the traditional trappings you may find at other law offices.  


Instead, she focuses on providing the very best and most cost-effective legal services possible to you, the client.

Vicky provides a personal touch to her representation.  She travels to clients' homes, offices, and businesses to meet with them where they are most comfortable. Of course, she has a conference room available for use should you prefer.

You will never be passed off to a secretary, paralegal, or associate while Vicky is your attorney.

Vicky employs a collaborative, problem-solving approach.  She is never afraid to litigate, when necessary, but will work hard to find a creative resolution outside the court system wherever possible.

Vicky believes that clients are best served when their problems are resolved in a manner that creates the most value for all parties to a dispute.



Vicky is an attorney, a mother, a skier, a wakeboarder, a mountain biker, a Crossfitter, and a long-time Park City resident.  


She works collaboratively with clients, attorneys, court personnel, and others to resolve simple and complex problems.