Do you know the right entity for your small business?

So you are starting a small business (or you already have one!) Do you know the right legal entity to suit your small business's needs? You face a choice between being a sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation. Do you know the differences between these entities? Do you understand the liability implications of making this choice? What about tax implications? And then once you decide, do you know how to set up your entity? Do you have a good operating agreement? What do you need to file with the Feds (IRS, e-Verify) the State (Workmen's Compensation, Sales Tax)?

Here is an article from Entrepreneur Magazine that beings to explain the choices you face.

FitlowLaw can help guide you through the process of choosing the right entity for your small business, setting up that entity with proper record-keeping so your entity is functioning legally, and all the federal and state registrations your entity needs to comply with the law.

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